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Additional Statistical Resources

FactFinder - U.S. Census Bureau
Statistics are available on a national, state, county, city, census block, census block group, and zip code level. Any data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau are on this website.

State Consolidated Plan/Economic and Demographic Analysis
The Consolidated Plan has studies on the Montana Housing Condition, a State of Montana Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing, a Montana Housing Resource Directory, the Economic Benefits of MDOC Housing Program Activities, and a Montana Housing Needs Assessment.

The largest study of the Consolidated Plan is the annual Economic and Demographic Analysis. It has information on employment, population, disability, and housing for each county, and some of the data are broken down for major cities.

Census and Economic Information Center
This is a comprehensive site of Montana's Census and economic statistics. It has a link to Montana's County QuickFacts (a one page summary for population, economic, business & geography data) and a link to BearFacts (Bureau of Economic Analysis web site with narratives describing an area's personal income using current estimates, growth rates, and a breakdown of the sources of personal income).

Northwest Area Foundation Indicator Website
This is one of the few compreshensive sources of Native American data. This site includes information on local population characteristics, economic well-being, health, and more for the states, counties, communities, reservations, and tribes in the Foundation's eight-state region, including Montana.

National Low-Income Housing Coalition
This site has many interesting housing studies available at state, county, and MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) levels. Two of the largest studies are:

         . target='_blank'>Out of Reach
This housing report documents the gap between current rental costs and current wages. It shows the wage necessary to attain rental housing compared to the minimum wage and the fair market rent compared to the current level of SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

         . target='_blank'>Local Area Low-Income Database
This database is a comprehensive source of statistics on low-income renters and homeowners and affordable housing.

Come Home Montana
Intended to entice people to move to the small towns of Montana, this site offers snapshots of information about many of Montana's communities.

HUD Resident Characteristics Report
This site has a searchable database of current resident information for each Public Housing and Section 8 Program in the state.

The State of the Cities Data Systems Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (SOCDS CHAS)
This database shows housing affordability statistics by state, county, and HUD program jurisdiction compiled in large part from 2000 Census data.

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